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Sunday, 20 Oct 2019
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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 19:59

Pathway Mats Welcome Abrasive Traffic

Published in News and Events Written by Victor Serov

We would like to introduce Pathway Mats™: The latest addition to the “Large Mat” market.  One of the best mats we’ve seen for rough and ready work, and especially for abrasive, steel track machines.  Bulldozers can do twist and turns on Pathway Mats that would tear up wood mats.


Pathway Mats are good for the environment because they are made by recycling rubber tires.  It takes 24 years to grow a tree to be large enough to use in a wooden mat, and it takes four of those trees to make a mat. There are better things to do with those trees!


Tires are tough and so are Pathway Mats.  Steel rebar molded in the mat forms the torsion system that makes them rigid as a hardwood mat, but unlike wood, they aren’t affected by water.  They don’t get heavier, they don’t dry rot, and they don’t carry contaminated water to the next job site. 


In addition to providing superior load carrying capabilities and load distribution performance, Pathway Mats also have a memory and "recover" after a heavy load or force has been removed. This significantly reduces permanent structure damage.


 These are large, rugged, heavy-duty mats, built for the work you do.  The life expectancy of a wood mat is 1 - 5 years.  And, if not stored properly, will dry rot whether they are used or not.  Pathway Mats have a life expectancy of 20 years.


There are lighter mats on the market.  But, light weight is not the only advantage worth buying.  A lightweight mat has often to be connected to keep it in place.  A lightweight mat is more likely to fold under heavy loads in rough terrain.  Facts are: Pathway Mats are four times more rigid, have an excellent traction surface even in cold weather, can handle steel tracks without damage, and with the good traction to ground advantage, plus the weight, they do not have to be connected.  Just lay them in place and drive over.  Installation is as quick as at takes to lay them down with no worry about connectors coming loose.  And, an accidental fork through the side will not put it out of commission.  Not even likely to require repair.  Pathway Mats are price competitive against other mat systems of equal size, strength, and durability.


   Model MESA:              2.13m W x 4.27m L x  8.9cm T, Weight 1011kg

   Model HIGHLAND:       2.13m W x 4.27m L x 14.0cm T, Weight 1525kg


For more information please check out Additional Products for Productivity tab.


Would you like to give a couple of these mats a good test? Give us a call on Toll Free 0800-683-623



·           a portable platform to conduct construction, military and resource based activities including: roadways, drilling pads and leases, staging areas, temporary shelter floors, pipeline crossings, helipads and more.

·            ground cover for natural terrain, vegetation, ice bridges, etc.