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Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Composite Outrigger/ Crane Pads

Made from the same material as MUD-TRAKS®; there are models rated for single and tandem rear axle trucks that will provide a secure, rigid foundation for lifting. And, they are much lighter than the wooden pads used by line crews everywhere. Unlike wood, fiberglass is not affected by water, so they don’t get heavier and dry rot. We also sell a new series designed to engage a standard “A” frame outrigger system and moves with the plate so it self locates. Crane Pad models are available up to 100 ton lift cranes.

Outrigger Pads are made of a lightweight, durable composite fiberglass. Because of the dynamics of fiberglass, we do not need to make our pads as thick as those made from wood or plastic.
They have a bigger “footprint” than “cribbing” blocks, sizes to fit your needs and that means a safer, more stable rig.

Outrigger Pads are lighter than wood with lots of features. They won’t break, take up space, absorb water, or rot. Our design features a non-skid surface for superior traction. We have several standard sizes available and can manufacture larger ones to meet your requirements.

Since our pads are designed with some flexibility, if you choose an Outrigger Pad larger than recommended, we suggest that you use cribbing blocks at least the same length of the pad between your outrigger and our pad. This may be necessary in soft ground that allow the pads to flex too much. With too much flex, steel outriggers can damage the pad.

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