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Sunday, 20 Oct 2019


A medium to heavy duty mat system made from composite, reinforced fiberglass material. MUD-TRAKS® is an engineered product, which can be built to handle smaller vehicles, such as, backhoes for cemeteries, or built to handle large vehicles, such as, cranes in wetland conditions. If you are using drill rigs cranes, or moving large structures, there is a MUD-TRAKS® model for that application. And yet, they can still be handled by men in the field. They are best suited for quick in and out projects where you don't want to bring in heavy wood mats, flatbeds, and lifting equipment. MUD-TRAKS® become rigid when loaded. They spread the load over an area 12 times larger than the footprint of the tire. If the ground you want to drive on will support a man walking, MUD-TRAKS® will support any vehicle that is "road legal." This is your mat for the tough applications. MUD-TRAKS® are made in the U.S.A.

Model Weight
N3272HDS (32" x 8') 19 kg
N4596HDS (45" x 8') 41 kg

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