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Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

MUD-TRAKS® Lawn Mat Series

• MUD-TRAKS® are the strongest and yet the lightest panels available.
• Composite fiberglass materials allows panels to bend and twist but not break from heavy loads.
• Textured on both sides for good vehicle and ground traction.
• MUD-TRAKS® allow you to drive over curbs and sunken areas without damage.
• Perfect temporary Roadways that prevents damage to lawns or underground utilities and sprinkler systems.
• No more restoration to do when the job is finished.
• For Vehicles under 35,000 lbs.

For Rubber Tire/Track Vehicles Only!
No Steel Tracks.

Whatever Your Business:
• Cemeteries
• Landscapers
• Utilities
• Golf Courses
• Special Events

• MUD-TRAKS® Designed with Ergonomics in mind.
• Features helps control injury costs.
• Manufactured with either Hand-Cut Outs or Rope Handles.
• Their size and weight allow them to be utilized by workers in the field.
• No special equipment required.
• MUD-TRAKS® Come in different sizes for a variety of applications.
• Won’t break, splinter or fold up.
• Size for Size Stronger & Lighter than Plastic Mats.
• Spreads load over a wider area than plastic.
• Doesn’t absorb water like plywood and unaffected by heat or cold.