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Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

MUD-TRAKS® Super Mat Series

Super strength, light weight fiberglass panels.
Axle loads of 30,000 lbs, off road conditions.
Flex under load, don’t roll up, don’t break.
Use for in & out jobs, or connect to form a continuous, temporary roadway.
If the ground supports a man walking, MUD-TRAKS® will take the vehicle in.

For Rubber Tire/Track Vehicles Only!
No Steel Tracks.

Easily handled by men in the field.
Fit in the back of a pick-up truck.
When a crane mat is too much and plywood isn’t enough.
Rope Handles for easy lifting.
Stronger and stiffer than plastic, plywood or planks.

Structure Mover
Heavy Construction
Tree Service
Manufactured Housing

NEW Ergonomic Series.
Designed with the worker in mind.
Are Back injuries going up?
Do you have concerns about worker health?
Are your crews being downsized?
All models can be downsized to save 25% of the weight and still get the job done.

Accessories and Advantages.
Steel Connectors available; overlap joint for strongest connection.
Light enough to be handled by men in the field.
Ground PSI much lower than plastic, plywood or planks.
Not affected by water, gas, oil or chemicals.
Off-white colour keeps them cool in summer heat, no damage to lawns.

MUD-TRAKS® On the Job
Whether you’re driving over lawns or through a rain soaked field, there is a Model to fit your need.
Textured on both sides for traction.
Made to do a tough job for years of service.
Standard widths of 45”, 32” & 22.5” and lengths of 8’ & 6’. Customs sizes.