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Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Industry Applications

Pedestrian Mats Temporary Sidewalks
Special Events
Tent Flooring

One face of the mat is the regular TRAKMAT® “Nub” pattern, and the other face is the “PED” side, a smaller version of the nub pattern.
There are no hand cutouts on the “PED” Series that could create a tripping hazard.

• Quality
• Reliability
• Versatility

• Corner holes for connectors.
• Tough 1/2” thick polyethylene.
• Made from 100% original material.
• Light Green (Recommended) or Utility Black.
• Cleat design for superior surface traction.
• Easy to clean cleats, no angles or corners.
• 6 year Limited Warranty
• “Ped” Mat Size 44.5” X 8’ 78 lbs.

For Rubber Tire/Track Vehicles Only!
Not Recommended for Steel Tracks.

Special Events Concerts, golf tournaments, festivals, picnics, graduations, backyard parties, and outdoor weddings, etc.
Don’t let unfavorable ground conditions ruin your “Party” or “Event”. “PED” Mats help keep the ground you walk on, an oasis, where people want to be.