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Sunday, 20 Oct 2019


A light to medium duty mat system. Probably the most versatile of our mat systems, it can be used for thousands of applications.
Wherever you would consider using plywood, TRAKMAT® will work better. They are made from 100% recycled HD Polyethylene, one of the toughest materials available.
TRAKMAT® has all the features you would want in a traction mat system: toughness, flexibility so it won't break, they are unaffected by hot or cold temperatures, have convenient hand cutouts along the side for lifting.

TRAKMAT® are available in light colors so they won't get hot and burn the grass, check out the Temperature Data Sheet to see test results. They are also available in value-priced black color where temperature is not an issue. Accessories include connectors to build them into a roadway or pad, however wide and long you wish it to be. There is even a series for Pedestrian Traffic for those who need product for Special Events. TRAKMAT® are made in the U.S.A

For Rubber Tire/Track Vehicles Only!
Not Recommended for Steel Tracks.

Model Size Weight Colour 1 Colour 2
TM4496 44.5" X 8' (1.13 X 2.44m) 78 lbs. (35 kg) Green Black
TM3672 36" X 6' (0.91 X 1.83m) 64 lbs. (29 kg) Green  
TRAKMAT® Series Connectors
2 Way HDU Connectors
4 Way HDU Connectors

The Benefits:
Hand Cutouts for lifting.
Corner holes for connectors.
Tough 1/2" thick polyethylene.
Made from 100% original material.
Available either Light Color or Utility Black.
Leading cleat design for superior surface traction.
Withstands the weight of heavy vehicles & machinery.

TRAKMAT® is available in a Light Color material, keeps the mat cool in summer and prevents heat build up and burnt grass. That's important when clients have expensive landscape issues. Mats are unaffected by heat or cold and are UV protected for extended life and utilization. Also available in Black if protection against heat build up is not an issue. TRAKMAT® has many uses. Just let us know and we'll match your need to our mats.

Require an Event Walkway? We have a version of the TRAKMAT® called a "Ped" Mat designed specifically for that purpose. One side has a closely spaced traction pattern for pedestrian traffic while retaining the customary TRAKMAT® pattern on the other. There are No Hand Cut-Outs on the "Ped" series that could create a trip hazard.

TRAKMAT® is also available with one side smooth when you need to protect surfaces from potential markings or indentations that could be caused by the traction cleat pattern.

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