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Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Rescue Mats - SandMat Series

SandMats are made of light-weight, flexible, high-density polyethylene material that are uniquely designed with ¼" bolts to allow a vehicles tires to practically free themselves. No shovels, winches, ropes or chains needed. And even more amazing, a single individual can safely and easily do it himself or herself.

SandMats are constructed of high density polyethylene. These mats will bend but NOT break.
Size is one foot wide and four feet long and one half inch thick. Approximate weight is 13 lbs per mat (26 lbs total).
Traction bolts installed on each mat for maximum traction in sand, mud, ice and snow.

SandMats Are Sold In Pairs
Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

It is all about TRACTION and MOMENTUM. Order a pair and see for yourself! Don’t forget that friend who gets STUCK all the time... SANDMATS make great gifts.

Are the mats guaranteed? If so, for how long?
The mats don't need to be guaranteed because we have never had a single call with problems. After ever use, however, it is recommended to check and tighten the bolts if necessary just as you do with all off road equipment.

How can the mats bend in half without breaking?
The mats bend and not break due to the HDPE design.

What is the maximum weight the mats can withstand?
30,000 pounds per square inch. No vehicle on the road weighs this much.

Will the mats work in mud in addition to sand and snow?
Yes, the mats work great in mud as well.

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